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Grief Sucks

Witness a story of a life’s journey and experiences splashed with wonderful photographs in Grief Sucks

“This beautiful book is long overdue. Grieving can finally be seen in full color with encouragements to personalize it with your own stories, feelings and memories. A must for all who are grieving!"
-- Lulu Orr, R.N. Executive Director, Good Grief Center for Bereavement Support


"After 40 years in the field, I can finally hand my clients a tool rather than just hold their hand in speechless empathy." -Paul A. Grzybowski LCSW, BCD, MSW, ACSW Clinical Director, Craig Academy

Started at the VA as a volunteer and they will be using my book.

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ISBN 13 (SOFT): 978-1-4628-5968-9
ISBN 13 (HARD): 978-1-4628-5969-6
ISBN 13 (E-BOOK): 978-1-4771-6273-6

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John and Marlise reach out to anyone in need. If approved, they are hopeful to volunteer at the Denver Veterans Hospital Mental Health Unit.